Using CSV Analysis Data

If you export the analysis data as csv file you will find coordinates for the location of the player in front of the D-zone and the shot location of the ball in or around the goal. To process the data for example in a spreadsheet you need to know the meaning of the coordinates.

The location of the player around the circle is one of the ten shown rectangles. The rectangles are arranged in two ribbons around the D-zone. All areas in the ribbon near the goal has the ‘Circle Position Y’ = 1. The other ribbon is labeled  with the ‘Circle Position Y’ = 2. The rectangles in each ribbon are numbered rom 1 to 5 from left to right.

The shot location of the ball in and around the goal is given by the ‘Goal Position’ coordinate. The ‘x’ and ‘y’ coordinate is given as a floating decimal. The area inside the goal is between 0.0 – 1.0 in both directions. This means if a ball missed the goal one or both coordinates are under 0.0 or above 1.0.

The Column ‘Is Hit’ indicated whether or not the shot was a goal. ‘1’ means goal; ‘0’ is a missed shot.