The CoachScore is an easy way to measure and review the performance of your players and the whole team.

CoachScore Settings

With CoachScore you can add point values to specific match situations, e.g. ‘Wing Shot’ or ‘Block’. The points for all events of a player/team are accumulated. The sum represents the CoachScore.

The points for each situation can be specified in the ‘situation edit view’. There is a ‘base’ CoachScore and for situations with goal completion an ‘extra’ score. The ‘base’ score can be set between -10 and 10. The ‘extra’ score value range is from 0 to 10.

The resulting point value is calculated as the sum of the ‘base’ score and ‘extra’ score if the event has led to a goal:

Example 1: With this setting you can give an extra reward to the player if he hits the goal.

“One on One” – without goal   = 3 + 0 = 3

“One on One” – with goal         = 3 + 2 = 5

Example 2: Focus on the goal completion

“7-Meter” – without goal      = -2 + 0 = -2

“7-Meter” – with goal           = -2 + 4  =  2

If scores for ‘7-Meter’ are set to ‘base’= -2 and extra = 4; the CoachScore is negative if the player did not hit the goal.

The resulting CoachScore is shown in the Data Graphs of the analysis view.