Edit a Match

Edit Match

To Edit a match tap an hold on the match icon. A selection menu will appear. Select ‘Edit’ and a match editor view appear. There you can change:

  • order of the teams (tap on the arrows),
  • the category (tap on category name)
  • match date (tap on date)

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Archive Restore Match

To archive a match ether select the ‘Archive’ option from the selection menu or select the 914 Selector Buttonicon. Then select the matches you want to archive and hit the 915 Archive Button icon.

To view the archived Matches select the 917 Archive Switch Button icon. To restore a match do the process again.

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Delete Match

To delete a match tap and hold on the match icon and tap the ‘Delete’ button in the Option selector. Alternatively use the selector 914 Selector Button icon and tap the 916 Delete Button button. Then confirm the deletion.

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