Add & Edit Player

To add a new or edit an existing player of a team tap and hold the

  • ‘+’ icon at the launch screen
  • select ‘Edit Teams’

A List of all teams will appear. Tap at the 911 Show Players Button icon and the list of all players of this team appears.

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There you have several options

  • Hide player during match
  • Rearrange players
  • Add a new Player
  • Edit or delete player

To Hide a player tap short on an existing player with a check mark symbol. The symbol will disappear. If you open a match the player will be not visible/selectable.

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To rearrange the players tap the 912 Rearrange Button icon. Then trap the handler on the left site and move the player to the position you want to.

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To Add a new player tap the ‘+’ icon

To Edit or Delete 

  • Tap and hold on the player
  • or swipe to the left on the player


  • Select ‘Edit’ to change the players name, photo, position or back number
  • or ‘Delete’ to delete the player from the team.

If you select Edit or Add new Player the players edit view will appear.

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Change Player Information during Match:

To change the back number or position of a player for only one match, tap and hold on the player name in the match input view. The player edit view will appear. There you can change the back number an position.

The changed back number and position is only used for this match.

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