Enter Match Events

Enter Events

To enter events for a match tap on the match icon.

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In the match input view:

  • Select the player for the event.
  • Select the situation.
  • If possible:
  • Tap at the location of the player in front of the D-zone.
  • Tap the shot location in the goal.
  • Press ‘Enter’ to save the match event.
  • If your Press ‘Undo’ the current player, situation and location selection is cleared.

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If you have 2 teams:
Events of a field player will be added to the goalkeeper of the opponent team as well and vice versa. With this you get the goalkeeper events for free. If you enter an event with the goal keeper it will be added to the first field player of the oppnen team.

If you have 1 team:
If you enter events for the goalkeeper this will be used to add goals to the other team.

If you select a penalty (yellow, 2-Minutes or red card) you can not set a player or shot location. If you select a situation without goal completion, e.g. foul or block, you can only set a player location.

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If you enter a “2 Minutes” penalty the the player will be automatically put on the bench and get a 2 minutes counter next to his back number. After the 2 minutes the penalty symbol will be shown instead of the counter.

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The last saved match event can be deleted by tap and hold the ‘Undo’ button. You can edit or delete the match events later in the match report view too.

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To put a player to the bench simply swipe to the right on the players name. To put another player in the game swipe on the player to the left.

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Enter Notes

To add notes tap on the 913 Add Note Button icon. The notes editor appear. Enter the not and hit the ‘Save’ button. The notes will appear in the match report and in the csv export file with the event data.

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