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What’s new?

CoachScore is available now. 

Save up to 20% with the Bundle and if you already own CoachBook you get CoachScore for 50% off.

This app is designed to help timekeepers and referees keeping scores and track suspensions and time-outs.

  • Better Team and player management
  • Customisable time and match rules
  • Synchronisation between devices
  • Social Network Integration
  • Advanced scoreboard with AppleTV utelization
  • iOS 8 with iPhone 6 and 6+ support

What’s next?

First I will thank all of you for supporting me by giving feedback and sending me feature requests. Secondly I must apologise for the bugs in the 2.0.x versions and for some bugs there are still there.

With CoachBook 2.0 reimplemented the user interface and added a small number of features on top of the foundation of the original CoachBook 1.0. This way there was a smooth way to import the data form the previous CoachBook version.

The new interface got a lot of positive feedback. On the other side, i have to work around the limitations of the database to fullfill some of the feature requests. This turned out to be a mediocre approach on my side. To rectify this i made the decision to redevelop the whole CoachBook App.

What’s then? With the new developed App there are 2 ways.

  1. Update CoachBook 2.0, but this will cause a data loss of all previous data.
  2. Create a complete new App in the App store, but you have to buy it again.

With the second option i will try to give out promo codes to existing users. But the codes are limited, so i have to work something out in that case.

For feature request or comments send me a mail to

To collect the crash reports i use the Crashlytics service. Thes service sends my the crash reports automatically. The repots are anonymously. This helps me to rectify the bugs. The Terms Of Use & Privacy Policy can be found here: Databases send to me will help me solve problems and improve the app. (optional) The data send to me will be deleted after i solved then problem.