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What’s new?

CoachScore is available now. 

Save up to 20% with the Bundle and if you already own CoachBook you get CoachScore for 50% off.

This app is designed to help timekeepers and referees keeping scores and track suspensions and time-outs.

  • Better Team and player management
  • Customisable time and match rules
  • Synchronisation between devices
  • Social Network Integration
  • Advanced scoreboard with AppleTV utelization
  • iOS 8 with iPhone 6 and 6+ support

What’s next?

First I will thank all of you for supporting me by giving feedback and sending me feature requests. Secondly I must apologise for the bugs in the 2.0.x versions and for some bugs there are still there.

With CoachBook 2.0 reimplemented the user interface and added a small number of features on top of the foundation of the original CoachBook 1.0. This way there was a smooth way to import the data form the previous CoachBook version.

The new interface got a lot of positive feedback. On the other side, i have to work around the limitations of the database to fullfill some of the feature requests. This turned out to be a mediocre approach on my side. To rectify this i made the decision to redevelop the whole CoachBook App.

What’s then? With the new developed App there are 2 ways.

  1. Update CoachBook 2.0, but this will cause a data loss of all previous data.
  2. Create a complete new App in the App store, but you have to buy it again.

With the second option i will try to give out promo codes to existing users. But the codes are limited, so i have to work something out in that case.

For feature request or comments send me a mail to

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Create a Team

The first step in CoachBook is to create at least one team.

  • Press the ‘+’ -button in the upper left corner.

The team selector will appear.

  • Press the ‘+’ button in the upper right corner.

The team edit view will appear.

  • Enter your team name

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Create a Match

To create a match

  • Press the ‘+’ -button in the upper left corner.

The team selector will appear.

  • Select up to two teams by tapping on the team name.
  • Press the ‘Select Category’ button.

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Enter Match Events

Enter Events

To enter events for a match tap on the match icon.

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In the match input view:

  • Select the player for the event.
  • Select the situation.
  • If possible:
  • Tap at the location of the player in front of the D-zone.
  • Tap the shot location in the goal.
  • Press ‘Enter’ to save the match event.
  • If your Press ‘Undo’ the current player, situation and location selection is cleared.

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Match Report

To view the match report

  • Press the 991 Match Movie Buttun on the left side from the match clock.

The match report appears. There are the match events in chronological order. The events are displayed for each haftime. At the bottom there are buttons to enable or disable certain event types. (Substitutions, Penalties, No Hits, Notes)

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